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Indonesian gamelan music is very nice. Kroncong is a typical "modern" Indonesian music, very beautiful. A friend of ours told us that his parents like it very much.
  • Sonny Josz sings Minggat. Listen and enjoy! If you want to sing with him, there is even the lyrics diplayed.
  • Sundari Soekotjo sings Inkar Janji. You can sing with here, too.
Finnish music: Speaking of Sibelius, here some interesting sites with classical music: Do you need a national anthem? Try this: Country and western has always been a favourite of mine:
  • Tammy Wynette was called 'the first lady of country'. Please listen to Stand by Your Man, one of her beautiful melodies.
  • When I learned that Johnny Cash had died, I looked for news about it and found a link, where he sings Hurt. I could not help it, I just started to cry. His old man's voice was not as strong as it had been and cracked here and there but it was still beautiful.
    Listen to Johnny and his wife June Carter Cash singing Jackson.
If you prefer pop, Anggun is an Indonesian pop singer, whose song Snow on the Sahara was very often heard on the radio in Finland (and probably elsewhere, too) some years ago. In her home country the best known of her songs is probably Kembali.

My "virtual" friends (from MySpace) Anna Abreu, Hayden Panettiere, and Kelly-Lynn are very beautiful young ladies, who also sing very beautifully.
* Anna came second in the Finnish Idols 2007. I have her song A Dios le Pido as ring tone in my mobile phone.
* Hayden's I Still Believe is such a beautifully made video. Listen and enjoy!
In the film Racing Stripes Hayden rides Stripes, a zebra, in the Kentycky Derby. I saw it recently and it was just fabulous! She is also one of the main characters in the TV series Heroes.
* Kelly-Lynn took part in a song contest in the Web and sang very beautifully. Her Jesus will be there for you went straight to my heart!

My virtual friend Lorelei Carlson has a very beautiful voice!

My wife and I had sometimes heard Don Francisco sing his song He's Alive. When we later found his album with two LPs and the song was on it we just had to buy it. We were very glad we did because all the songs on that album were awesome!
Later I found his web site and a whole lot of his songs there.
These often tell the stories of different persons from their point of view.

As a teenager I was a big Jimi Hendrix fan. I still like his music. I had a LP with music from the film Rainbow Bridge but I don't have it anymore.

Some misc. music links:

Artist of the Week:
Lorelei Carlson - Think of You

Lorelei's voice is very nice!

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