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Maria Wiik: Portrait of Hilda Wiik Hi!
My name is Sixten. I'm a software engineer from Hervanta, a suburb of Tampere, Finland.

I am interested in Indonesia and anime.

Why Indonesia?
Well, we have lived in Indonesia for six months, and since then we have been active in the Finnish-Indonesian Association of Tampere, where my wife Anni is the chairman and I'm a member of the board.

What is Anime?
Anime is Japanese for animation but in the Western world it is used for Japanese animations. Many of them are quite violent, but the ones I like the most are those with beautiful sceneries and beautiful girls.
My favourite is Kimagure Orange Road, with Madoka as one of the main figures.
There are anime style films done also in the Western world but they are by many thought of more or less as sacrilege.
Manga is originally a trade mark but is nowadays used for Japanese cartoons.

What books have you read lately, Sixten?
Just now I'm reading Paul L Maier's More Than a Skeleton.
Jean M. Auel's books about The Earth's Children are very interesting.
Among my favourites I can mention fantasy and scifi, one of the best authors of the former is Terry Pratchett and of the latter Isaac Asimov.

Race for the Rainforest

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