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Book Tips

I thought I'd collect the books I have had in my Book Tip on the Reading page, if someone has seen a book there but not thought of it until later.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: Roverandom
    What happens, if you are a small dog and attack the wrong trouser leg.
    The story behind the birth of this book is very touching!
  • Janet and Isaac Asimov: Norby, the Mixed-up Robot
    A boy wants to buy a robot but he does not have quite enough money.
  • Paul L. Maier: A Skeleton in God's Closet
    A group of archeologs find the grave of Jesus Christ and the body is still there!
  • Greg Evans: Sixteen Isn't Pretty
    A comic book about one of my favourite comic characters, Luann, who is a typical teenage girl, whose whole life centers around boys and going to the mall and clothes and such important things.
    You find her online on the URL
  • Terry Prachett: Night Watch
    A police is whisked back in time and finds himself there as a young man.

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