Sixten's Bicycle Page

Why I Like to Go Bicycling

  • You meet interesting people (see picture to the right!)
  • You get motion
  • You get fresh air
  • You do not pollute the surroundings

I have always liked this picture. It was used in a campaign ('The Swedish Bicycle Helmet Initiative') for bicycle helmets in Sweden many years ago.

The text of the picture is in Swedish. A translation into English would be something like this:

The Naked Truth
As a cyclist you belong to the naked, unprotected group in the traffic. You don't have a metal shield or a safety belt to protect you. The most important thing you've got to protect is what you have inside your helmet.

I participated in the Pirkka Cycling (Pirkan pyöräily) in 2000. This was the first (and last?) time and I really enjoyed cycling the 134 km Fitness Tour. I started at 9.21 and finished 8h25min later. I had planned on ten hours, so I was quite pleased with the result.

Two people on bikes
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